People Who Cheated to Win – The Other Side of Gambling

Gambling has been around for a long time now. The urge to gamble is representative of human nature, and that is why it has always remained with us, be it around the fringes or as part of mainstream human life. The popularity of gambling led to the formal establishment of spaces where people could indulge in gambling. Be it the neighborhood card room or the casino, there are gambling joints everywhere for people to step in and test their luck and, in some games like blackjack, their skill.

There are professional gamblers and there are amateur gamblers. Among the professionals there are players who are dedicated to figuring out different ways to win, and the right ways to win. But then, as is the case with humans, there are also people who look for the easy way out. There are always people who are trying to challenge authority, or trying to figure out ways to beat the system, all with the objective of winning. Some of the ways they figure out are illegal, and end up with the players adopting those methods being labeled cheats or crooks.

This video is about some of the biggest cheats in gambling. Each of them have made it to the list on the strength of the infamous or ingenious ways – depending on how you look at it – they have adopted and perfected to beat the system and make money.

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