The Fine Art of Card Counting: Some Basics and Some Myths

Anyone who is a fan of gambling – at a land-based casino or online – is most likely to know about the game of blackjack. You may not play it, but you will definitely know about it. This is one game in gambling where simply luck alone is not going to help you rake in the wins. You have to have a fair degree of skill as well; skill in terms of knowing what to do with a given hand. When you get a specific hand do you hit, or do you stand? What else can you do? How much should you do? What strategy should you adopt? Some knowledge of all of this is essential to be able to play a good game of blackjack.

Blackjack is one game that has a slightly controversial skill players may or can have – the skill of counting cards. It is a much discussed subject – card counting – books have been written about it, there have been movies about it, and there are quite a few people that are good at it. Casinos do not encourage card counting, for the simple reason that it enables players to beat the house. And that is not good for the casino business-wise. There are also myths associated with card counting that you may have heard of during your time at a casino.

This video dispels a couple of established myths about card counting to start with. It then goes on to give out some of the basics of blackjack card counting. While card counting itself may not be something you would want to do, the video itself makes for interesting viewing.

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