Its Slapjack Time Again – Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Jimmy Fallon

We all know how serious the game of blackjack is. This is a game that is popular across the world. Earlier played mostly at casinos, today you can play this from the cozy comfort of your home thanks to the online casino industry. And if you have a smartphone or a tablet you can literally play it anywhere you want thanks to the newest development on the online casino block: the mobile casino. There are many different versions of blackjack available and you can choose whichever version you want to play at your favorite online or mobile casino and play for fun or real money.

Whichever mode you want to play it in – fun or real money – the fact is that blackjack has always been a serious game. So how would it be if it was a game that was all fun? Is that actually possible? It may seem strange, but there is a version that is insanely funny and worth watching. This version is called Slapjack, and you do not get it at any casino – you only get to see it played between celebrities and Jimmy Fallon, on TV. Basically Fallon and the celebrity play blackjack, with the winner getting to slap the loser with a giant prosthetic hand each time.

We have already showed you guys one episode of Slapjack, where Jimmy Fallon ‘cranks’ it up against Jason Statham. This episode features Fallon taking on the uber-cool Jake Gyllenhaal. Watch and have fun while you are at it!

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