Bingo Sky Hosts Summer $13,000 Guaranteed Event on Saturday June 27

Summertime, And the livin' is easy. That’s what Bingo Sky promises its members this month at its The Summer $13,000 Guaranteed Event promo.


Summer $13,000 Guaranteed Event


Bingo lovers have all to play for on June 27 with the online bingo room offering thousands of dollars in cash in games played at the Bingo Tourney room. So if you fancy winning a fortune to head off on an exotic vacation don’t forget to keep your date with Bingo Sky.

High octane games between 8pm and 11pm EDT

Saturday, June 27 at the Bingo Tourney room is going to be an action packed day with $1,000 guaranteed games to be played on the hour between 8pm and 10pm EDT. Cards cost only $2 for all three games and can be preordered. The action gets hotter at 11pm EDT in the big game of the night, the Summer $10,000 Guaranteed Game. That’s right. There’s a cool $10K up for grabs with cards costing just $5, which you can also preorder right away.

1 To Go prizes

While June 27 is a big day for bingo lovers at Bingo Sky, the online bingo room continues to offer its members great chances to win prizes both big and small. Those who don’t manage to win games just short of 1 To Go can also win some great cash prizes. Bingo Sky promises to credit 250 Bingo Points to members still needing 1 To Go. These points can be used enter cash draws held daily, weekly and monthly. There’s a daily draw with $50 cash prizes to be won while the weekly draw every Saturday night offers up to $250 cash and can be entered with 2500 points. Collect 5000 bingo points can you are have the chance to win up to $1,000 on the last day of every month. Members are free to spend their Bingo Points as and when they wish. For tickets for the Summer $13,000 Guaranteed Event and other promos, visit Bingo Sky today.


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