Get Wicked In Wink Bingo's 50 Shades of Wink Promo

Wink Bingo allows its members to get saucy in the 50 Shades of Wink promo with plenty to play for including £69 guaranteed jackpots.


50 Shades of wink

It’s time for bingo lovers to get naughty at Wink Bingo and earn a tidy £69 guaranteed jackpots in their 50 Shades of Wink promo. The action takes place with games every half an hour at the Naughty Numbers Room on Sundays between 6pm and 9pm. The naughty delights include special chat room games to get players in the mood.

Spend Sunday playing spicy chat games

In keeping with the 50 Shades theme, there are a number of inspired chat games with calls and awards to spice up every game. In the ‘I Love 69’ chat game, if the 6 and 9 are both called, the second player that shouts ‘I Love 69’ gets 1000jps. Bingo lovers get the opportunity to Spread The Love and mention a roomies name when they win the house. The Host will oblige and give the roomie mentioned 1000jps as long as they retort with ‘I feel the Love’. There’s a Top or Bottom game where the Host will give away 1000jps to the 2nd player to shout ‘I like Top or Bottom’ of the winning number matches the number called at the beginning of the game. 

Go all 50 shades in the Naughty Room

The action heats up with the ‘In Bed With Fred Again’ chat game where you give the Host a number. If you are first to shout ‘In Bed with Fred’ along with the number you provide, when your number is called, you get richer by 1000Jps. Wink Bingo has also added ‘Daz Lost his Speedos’ with another 1000Jps awarded if a roomie wins the house and 2000jps going to the player in possession of Daz’s Speedos at the end of the hour. The Naughty Numbers game gets as close to being naughty if players guess the naughty number which the Host is thinking of. The player closest to the host’s number wins 1000jps.

To participate in this naughty promo you don’t have to be into BDSM or have read any of E. L. James’ books. All you need is to visit Wink Bingo to get your kicks in this incredible round of chat games every Sunday. 




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