Downtown Bingo Hosts Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney All April

To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), Downtown Bingo is hosting a Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney with up to $1,000 in cash in games played at the Spring Bingo room all April.

Jazz Festival Bingo


April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) dedicated to every jazz musician past and present from Ella to Louis and of course the millions of jazz lovers around the world. And, Downtown Bingo gives every bingo lover the chance to swing, bebop, or go mainstream in its Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney all April and win up to a smooth $1,000 in cash.

Games on the hour at the Spring Bingo room

The Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney that kicked off on April 1 in the Spring Bingo room has put a spring in the step of many Downtown Bingo members, and will continue until April 30 at 11:59PM EDT. The bingo hall hosts a Jazz Festival Bingo game every hour with jazz inspired bingo patterns that include a jazz guitar, sax, drums, bass, piano, clarinet, and trumpet, to name a few. To hit the high notes players need to win these bingo patterns that count towards the Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney and top the leader-board for a shot at the $1,000 cash prize.

Cash prizes and bonuses to be won

There’s a generous cash prize and 1 point to be accumulated towards the Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney every time you win a jazz inspired bingo pattern game. While the player at the top of the leader-board wins a cash prize of $1,000, there's$500 in cash for the player placed second and cash prizes up to $150 right up to the 5th place. Players in the sixth to tenth positions at the end of the Tourney will win a $75 bonus. There’s a bonus to be won right down to the 20th position. It’s all a matter of winning the most Jazz Festival Bingo games in the race to the top to win the guaranteed $1,000 cash prize.

Play with 9 cards for the price of 6

Adding sweet music to every member’s ears is the option to buy six cards and receive an additional three for free. That’s more than enough to jazz up each day and increase your chances of making it to the top 20 of the leader-board in the Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney. Winners will have their prizes credited to their account on May 1, 2015. In addition to Downtown Bingo’s Jazz Festival Bingo Tourney, you may also want to check out their magical Fantasy Bingo Tourney with over $15,000 in guaranteed prizes to be won in games held every Saturday night from 8:00PM EDT till 11:59PM EDT. For more on how to jazz up your time in the bingo rooms, visit Downtown Bingo today. 




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