What Are Bingo Patterns?

What are bingo patterns and how do they affect your bingo game play


There are thousands of bingo patterns currently being utilized, both online and offline. They come in various shapes, letters and themes. Bingo patterns are simply the “pictures” on the boards that determine whether or not a card is a winner. For example, a Bingo pattern in the letter E, will require that the winning numbers be in the shape of an E.


The Variety of Bingo Patterns

Varying bingo patterns keeps the game exciting. Simply getting 5 letters in a row can get a bit boring over time. Bingo patterns come in different shapes, for example, they include kite, railroad tracks, picnic table, diamond and clover leaf shapes. It is important for players to always know what the pattern is when playing so that they know when they have a winner. This is especially important when a player is playing offline. It is not as important when playing at an online bingo site, because many times the computer will alert you when your card is a winner.


Types of Bingo Patterns

Bingo patterns fall into three primary categories. They include static or standard, crazy and wild. Static or standard bingo patterns are those that cannot be shifted. A player has to mark the entire pattern before they are declared the winner. Crazy bingo patterns can be rotated in increments of 90° (90°, 180° and 270°) on the board. Wild bingo patterns are scattered. The actual pattern remains the same, but it can be anywhere on the board.


Ice Cream Patterns


Each of these patterns can be fun to play, but differ a bit in how challenging they are. Patterns which are made up of lots of spaces, will likely take longer to complete, for example a Full or Open House (25 and 24 spaces respectively). Smaller patterns often times result in much shorter games. A good example of such a pattern would be the inside or outside diamond, both which take up a mere 4 spaces. 


The Fun of Bingo Patterns

If you play online, it is likely that you will come across many different bingo patterns. They will likely change often. People have their favorite patterns. They might believe that a certain pattern brings them luck or that they have more success when a particular one is played. This all in good fun and is mostly superstition. Some people will swear by certain patterns and dread others. There is no proof that a certain pattern gives individuals an advantage, though some people believe that they do.


Knowing You Have Won

Keeping track of what pattern is being played is incredibly important when a person is playing offline because there is no software to alert them when they win. Instead, if they miss out on the pattern, too bad, they lose their opportunity to win. Often times, it is projected on a screen so that everyone is able to see it. This can come in quite handy.

Bingo patterns are simply how a winner is determined for a particular game. The person whose card(s) contain the numbers which make the winning pattern, get to take home the prize. Online, it really doesn’t matter what the pattern is. There is not the need to pay extremely close attention, because most sites will alert players when they have a winner. 


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