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How to Play 80-Ball Bingo


80 Ball Bingo

Somewhere between the faster 75 ball bingo and the more complex 90 ball bingo is the game taking online bingo by storm: 80 ball bingo. 80 ball bingo is like a more exciting 90 ball bingo, but isn’t quite as simplistic or fast as the 75 ball variation of the game.

How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

Bingo game variants are recognizable by their card designs and altered game play. 80 ball bingo is more exciting than longer versions but still offers some complexity.

80 ball bingo has its own set of bingo cards, sometimes called shutter boards at online bingo sites, that are different because of the 80 ball setup. Like any other bingo game, players wait for their numbers to be ticked off in specific patterns to claim winnings.

Online 80 ball bingo is similar to the version of the game played in bingo halls and casinos. At most online bingo sites, numbers that get called are automatically daubed on their bingo cards.

About those cards - 80 ball bingo is set up like this: there are 4 rows and 4 columns on each card. Every one of those 4 columns is a slightly different color, traditionally silver, blue, yellow, and red. Each of those colors is assigned different bingo numbers, and the ranges of these numbers are color coded for ease of play. Generally, silver numbers run 80 thru 60, blue numbers run from 59 through 41, the yellow numbers range from 40 to 21, and the red numbers are the lowest ones, numbering 20 through 1.

80 ball bingo is dropping off in popularity after the introduction of faster and more interesting bingo games such as the 30 ball variety now popping  up all over the place. Still, 80 ball bingo has a huge following.

More 80 Ball Bingo Games

80 ball bingo allows for a variety of winning patterns: one is called the 80 Full Card, another is called the Vertical Line, yet another is the Horizontal Line, the Diagonal Line, the Big X, the Four Corners, and the Center Square. These patterns are similar to more traditional 75 or 90 ball bingo games.

As for the game’s length, 80 ball is a little shorter than the much longer and laborious 90 ball bingo game and just a little longer than the 75 ball game. It fits perfectly in the middle, and is a great game for players unsatisfied by those bingo game’s lengths but unwilling to switch all the way to the fast and furious 30 ball bingo game.

Online bingo is popular because of the game’s lucrative prize possibilities, because online bingo sites use bonuses and promotions to reward customers, and because it is a fast paced form of gambling that satisfies our human need to categorize and identify. It is likely that some bingo variation will become the new standard in online bingo. Whether that’s the longer 80 ball bingo or the shorter 30 ball bingo game, we have yet to see.

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