30 Ball Bingo Guide

How to Play 30-Ball Bingo


30 Ball Bingo

For bingo fans most familiar with 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games, 30 ball bingo is an exciting new kind of bingo popping up all over online bingo sites. This super-fast version of bingo, sometimes called Speed Bingo, lets players see more bingo action per hour and keeps the pace of the game at its fastest. Those bingo players into instant gratification will love 30 ball bingo.


30 Ball Bingo Cards

The first thing bingo players want to know about a new bingo game is the card layout. 30 ball bingo uses a card that is in a 3 x 3 format with 9 squares. During the game, 30 numbers are called out. Players at online 30 ball bingo games can use the automatic daub function or daub the numbers themselves.


How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

The biggest difference between 30 ball bingo and other version of the game is the patterns on the card. Online bingo sites usually see 30 ball bingo games won by the traditional Full House pattern. That means covering all the numbers on your card.

That’s not always the case, some online bingo sites hosting 30 ball games now feature a three stage pattern, filling each single line one at a time towards a full house, like more traditional bingo gaming.


Here are the basic rules of 30 ball bingo:

Players buy their 30 ball bingo cards from the online bingo site of their choosing then wait for the site’s random number generator to call out thirty numbers.

Once all 30 numbers have been covered on any one board, a player virtually calls bingo and claims their winnings. Sounds simple? That’s the point. 30 ball bingo depends on speed and places a premium on playing multiple games per hour.

Why Is 30 Ball Bingo So Popular?

The biggest reason for 30 ball bingo’s success is the fact that online bingo players want to play as many bingo games as they can in an hour. Playing more games means more chances to win. Also, since the game is so simple, multi bingo card players have an easier time keeping up with the game.

Progressive jackpots in online 30 ball bingo are even better than top jackpots in 75 ball or 90 ball online bingo. More and more bingo sites are offering progressive jackpots on 30 ball bingo games.

Since the Internet is all about speed and convenience, it should be no surprise that a faster game of online bingo would be more popular. Our online lives are all about speed.

30 ball bingo is gaining in momentum as more bingo players realize the advantages of playing the 30 ball version of the game they love. It takes half the time to play a card of 30 ball bingo as other bingo varieties, and progressive jackpots and easy to win top jackpots make it all the more lucrative. Bingo players are always looking for faster and better results, and 30 ball bingo gives them the opportunity for both.

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