Random Bingo Jackpots

What is a Random Bingo Jackpot?


Random Bingo Jackpots

Bingo has always been a popular  game of chance not just because of is simple rules, but also because of the prizes that can be won playing it. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the growth of the online bingo gaming industry, players can now win prizes as large as hundreds and thousands of dollars. A single game is also capable of making players millionaires.

Types of Jackpots

Bingo players can win two types of jackpots playing online bingo games—progressive jackpots and random jackpots.

A progressive jackpot, as its name suggests, grows in size till a lucky player wins it by satisfying certain conditions set by the online bingo site. The progressive jackpot can grow because it comprises 2 parts—a seed value contributed by the online bingo site and a fraction of the money spent by players on each bingo ticket. If the progressive jackpot is not won, the player will win the guaranteed jackpot for that game and the progressive jackpot is pushed to the next game. This process continues till a lucky player wins the progressive jackpot.

If a progressive jackpot is the best thing in the online bingo gaming industry, the next best thing is the random bingo jackpot. A random bingo jackpot comprises a large amount of money, which must be won by shouting bingo within a specific number of bingo calls. It this does not happen, the random jackpot is pushed to the next game, but its value will be reduced. A random jackpot, therefore, does not grow in size like a progressive jackpot does, but reduces in size till someone wins it. Players, however, need not be upset by this because a random jackpot keeps reducing in size only up to a certain value. Once a random jackpot touches the pre-determined level, it cannot reduce any further.

How to Hit a Random Jackpot

The random jackpot is hit just as a progressive jackpot is hit—by satisfying certain conditions. These conditions, however, depend on the online bingo site in question. Some of the conditions could be completing a particular pattern within a specified number of bingo calls or marking off all the numbers on the bingo ticket within a certain number of bingo calls.

If players do not hit the random jackpot, they can still win the fixed jackpot associated with the game while the random jackpot is pushed to the next game.

Finding Random Jackpots

Random bingo jackpots are common features of almost all online bingo rooms. They may not be consistent features of online bingo sites, but the best online bingo sites in the industry such as Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo, Glorious Bingo, and others are in the habit of offering a wide range of progressive bingo games, including random bingo jackpots, as parts of promotions and offers and during certain festive seasons.

All players need to do is keep an eye on the online bingo site’s newsletter or visit its promotions page often so that they do not miss a random bingo jackpot game.

Winning Strategies

Bingo owes is popularity to the fact that it is a pure game of chance, completely eliminating the need for players to bother about strategies. However, certain bankroll management strategies and betting strategies can enhance a player’s chances of hitting the jackpot.

The best strategy is to participate in as many random bingo jackpot games as possible. Even if players do not hit the random jackpot, they will definitely win the guaranteed jackpot associated with the game. And the more they participate in random bingo jackpot games, the more their chances of hitting that elusive jackpot.

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