Bingo Strategies

Utilizing Bingo Strategies That Have Proven to Be Effective


Bingo Strategies

Serious bingo players will be interested in learning strategies which can increase their odds of winning. Though bingo is an extremely fun game, the ultimate goal is to win. Because of this, players are always on the lookout for strategies which will enable them to do just that. It is important to note that bingo is a game largely of chance. This means that it is not possible to significantly improve one’s odds. However, there are some things which can be done.

Look for bingo rooms which aren’t crowded


Less crowded bingo rooms or games, help to improve an individual’s chance of winning. The more players participating in a game, the tougher it is for a person to win. Therefore, either choose mid-level websites that don’t have a ton of members or find games at larger bingo websites which aren’t crowded. The latter is a great way to participate at larger, more trustworthy sites while also improving ones odds by playing in games with fewer people. 


Play As Many Cards As You Can Afford


The more cards a person is able to play, the greater chance they have to win. Therefore, persons should buy as many bingo cards as they can afford. This can be done rather easily online. There will be limits to how many can be purchased as once. However, because most bingo software will keep track of all of the cards that are played, it is much easier to manage multiple cards online then it would be offline.


The Tippet Theory


The Tippet Theory is a pretty complicated bingo system. Some people use it in an attempt to improve their odds of winning bingo games. It was created by L.H.C. Tippett. This gentleman was a statistician based in the United Kingdom. His theory was developed to improve player’s chances of winning 75 Ball Bingo.


The theory suggests that because the median number of 75 is 38, the longer a game lasts, the greater the likelihood that numbers close to 38 will be called. Therefore, in longer games, it is best to choose cards, when possible, that contain a high concentration of numbers that are close to 38, the median of 75. In shorter games, it is best to choose cards with numbers close to 1 and 75.

It is important for bingo players to realize that it is a game largely of chance. Though there are strategies which can be used to improve one’s odds a bit, there is no way to significantly improve a person’s chances of winning.  It is important that players keep this in mind so that they are not constantly chasing, the “latest and greatest” system which will “guarantee” that they win every single bingo game they play.


These types of books or reports are a waste of a person’s time and money. Players should avoid them. Instead, follow the strategies which have proven to be effective. Play in bingo rooms that aren’t crowded, participate in more expensive games every now and then, play multiple boards and only become members at reputable websites. These are the best Bingo strategies and if followed, will allow players to be in the best position possible to win.


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