Bingo Odds

What Bingo Odds are and how Bingo Players can Improve their Odds


Bingo Odds

People who are serious about playing bingo are generally very interested in understanding and improving their odds of winning. The more they are able to, the greater their chances of winning are.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of things that can be done to improve one’s bingo odds.  The game is largely one of chance and while there are definitely actions which can be taken that might help to maximize a person’s ability to win a game, there is no way to guarantee victory or to even drastically improve the likelihood that a person will win.


Tips to Improve Bingo Odds


Two of the most effective ways to improve a player’s odds are to play in bingo rooms that aren't overcrowded and to purchase multiple boards. When less people participate in a game, each player’s odds increase. Purchasing multiple tickets is a pretty inexpensive and easy way to give oneself more chances at winning as well.


Calculating Bingo Odds


Calculating bingo odds is pretty simple.  A player only needs to divide the number of cards an individual is playing, by the total number of cards in play. For example, if a person has one card and there are 100 cards being played total, that person’s odds of winning are 1% or one in one hundred.

Players are also often interested in which numbers have the greatest odds of being called. Many people have attempted to calculate this.  Unfortunately, for these people, all numbers have equal odds of being picked.  Now, this involves accepting a few assumptions, most notably that there are no defects in the machine (if a player is playing off-line) or that the computer-generated “caller” (online) has not been manipulated in any way in order to get a specific outcome.  Overtime, all of the numbers will have a fairly equal chance of being chosen.  Just because a particular number is called several times over the course of a few games and another has not, does not mean that a particular number has higher odds of being called than another.

Do Odds Help to Win?


As stated above, while it is not possible to guarantee wins in bingo or to significantly improve one's odds, there are things that can be done so that a person gives themselves the best possible chance of winning. Besides the two aforementioned, another action that some players take is to purchase cards that do not contain the same numbers.  Many feel that this gives them a greater chance of winning because they have more numbers in play, thus a greater opportunity that one of those cards will turn out to be a winner.


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