The Million Dollar Party - Let's Get The Party Started!

The Million Dollar Party is an exclusive online bingo tournament hosted by BingoHall with a mouthwatering prize pool of up to $2 Million.

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BingoHall presents the biggest party of the year; The Million Dollar Party. Every Saturday, for six unbelievable hours from 9PM all the way to 3AM EST, a spectacular serving of unlimited bingo extravaganza is served up to everyone who joins in the fun.

For all bingo aficionados and enthusiasts, getting invited to the biggest party of the year is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is sign-up for free at BingoHall and register your user account. There is a plethora of bingo games available in the tournament with pots that initially reach up to $100,000 per game and guaranteed prizes of $1,000 on all games. This means everyone has incredibly high chances of winning big.



There is a practice session to get participants all warmed up before the big show. This starts at 8PM and features free fixed $100 games. This feature is particularly helpful as participants can build up some momentum that they can take into the main event. It’s the perfect pre-party platform to launch into the main session.

The main party officially begins at 9PM. The entry requirement is a $3 gift card, with a maximum limit of 36 cards purchased per game. As far as online bingo tournaments go, the Million Dollar Party is the crème of the crop. It features a full catalogue of prizes to cater to every possible online bingo desire. The categories on show include:


  • Full moon pattern – with a fixed prize of $10,000 on all calls
  • 2 Coveralls per hour – with a prize of $15,000 on the first 50 calls
  • Pots – reaching up to $100,000

There are also guaranteed prizes of $1,000 on all games, as well as unlimited BBs. Another feature of the special chat game: Who wants to be a millionaire? Players can earn up to 50 BBs in the special game.


Like all legendary parties, the Million Dollar Party doesn’t stop. Once it is past 3 AM, the after party begins in the Afterhours Lounge. The excitement continues into this session as participants can try their hands on a number of games that can fetch them the 300 fixed prizes at a card cost of $1.

Take a break from the mundane life, break from the pattern and make your Saturday nights legendary. Log on to BingoHall today!



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