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IntellogiX Gaming Network Overview


Unlike top gaming brands like Microgaming and Playtech, the IntellogiX Poker Network has not yet managed to get a world renowned reputation. This is on account of the fact that it is a fairly new entrant into the poker industry. However, the IntellogiX poker network is fast gaining ground and is expected to become very popular in the days to come, offering software solutions to several poker sites on the internet. The IntellogiX brand provides gaming solutions and software platforms for different sectors ranging from online casinos to sportsbook solutions to poker rooms.


Poker Software and Games from IntellogiX


IntellogiX provides poker games and an online gaming poker platform to its customers. Poker sites based on the IntellogiX software are sure to feature an exciting range of poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and other variants with different betting limit structures. Poker sites running on this online gaming platform will also find that they get to feature the number of players currently on the poker network on the home page. This means that new players will see the player traffic volumes of the network through this player liquidity feature and can decide if they want to play at the site  or not. This is an ideal option for new online poker sites as the large player numbers from all over the network will help add to its credibility.


What's more, players will find that the poker gambling tables offered on the IntellogiX network have a strong player base. This will allow new poker sites to begin with an established customer base rather than starting from scratch.

Poker sites that opt to use the IntellogiX Network will benefit from the software features that allow poker rooms to create their own logo and offer avatar facilities as part of their package.


Poker sites will be able to customise their website skins and can work with the IntellogiX team to reach a suitable agreement in terms of look and feel, features and games offered and future developments.


IntellogiX gives its customers a Poker Business Solution that is both unique and updated. Poker rooms will also be provided with customer operations support from the company.

Poker rooms will also not have to worry about the individual management of their card rooms as IntellogiX will handle this aspect of the business as well. This will allow customers more time to manage the business and financial development of the poker room.


Poker rooms that run on IntellogiX online poker software will be able to design and customise various important aspects of the poker site; this includes the poker bonuses on offer and the timing, prizes, buy-ins and set up of poker tourneys featured.


Customers will also be able to set up their poker ring games, poker player support, banking and payment methods set up along with the way transactions are handled. Also, when it comes to dealing with your affiliates, they will be able to decide on the set up. Once this decision has been made, IntellogiX will make the required arrangements for you.


In addition to IntellogiX helping customers set up their poker rooms, managing operations and card rooms, the company also offers its online poker customers cost effective poker solutions. Poker customers who opt to use the poker room software solution offered by IntellogiX will be able to cut down on costs of operations and reduce overheads while still being able to provide special promotions and private tables.


The IntellogiX poker network will take care of providing personnel to run the operations and manage customer solutions. It is currently working on the migration of several top poker companies to its software.


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