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Ongame Network Overview


Ongame Network, which has more than 20 million registered users, is the leading provider of B2B poker in the world. Ongame is 50 percent larger than its competitors, and last year, it became larger by 55 percent. The largest provider of online poker gaming software solutions in the world, Ongame serves top online poker providers such as Unibet, Betsson, Betfair, and Bwin. Ongame Network has expanded to over 25 markets all over the world and has an international network, which is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. One of the unique features of Ongame is that it is always the first to venture into almost any newly opened market.


Unique Features

Ongame’s unique no-rakeback policy and business model helps its partners increase their poker gaming revenue. Online poker providers can use unique Ongame features such as Hyperspace, Live Data Feed, and iPhone poker to attract a larger volume of player traffic and encourage them to wager more at the real money tables.

Hyperspace facilitates better communication between players and online gaming operators and enables operators to integrate their gaming products with Facebook, offer live betting services for popular sports events, and much more.

Ongame’s online poker solutions are powered by the P5 poker engine, which has the reputation of being the most sophisticated poker engine in the world, fully capable of cutting down operational costs and increasing poker revenues.

The Ongame online poker software solution gives online poker providers the opportunity to increase their revenue by 7 percent to 10 percent besides offering a rich portfolio of over 30 casino games. Ongame Network also offers real money poker games for Android and iPhone users, enabling players to play paid poker and win real money prizes while on the move.

Single Ewallet

One of the best features of Ongame Network is its ewallet solution, a transparent payment solution that enables its players to use many gaming products with one wallet associated with one user account. Players, therefore, need not bother about moving funds while using different online gaming products. This makes it easier for players to get started at an online gaming site that forms part of the Ongame Network and for website owners to analyze player behavior.

Mini Games

Ongame Network offers plenty of mini games, allowing players to play slots and video poker games with large jackpots while playing a major poker game. Players do not have to leave their poker table to play these games because the mini games are incorporated into the poker client. This feature is excellent for poker players with a penchant for mini games or side games with large jackpots.

100 Percent Secure

Above all, Ongame Network is safe because its online poker gaming solution includes excellent fraud screen facilities such as a cash tracker, which helps online poker providers to identify unusual depositing and withdrawing behavior; an IP match, which notes IP numbers of customers; an anti-collusion facility that scans all poker hands to prevent cheating, and many more, ensuring a 100 percent secure online poker gaming environment for its players.


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