Americas Cardroom keeps the Ratholers away with the 7-Day No Rathole Tables

If there’s one type of poker player that irritates the community, it’s the Ratholer — someone who sits down, wins some cash and sneaks away. 

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Americas Cardroom (ACR) is helping to keep Ratholers away with 7-Day No Rathole Table (NRT) cash games.  Thanks to some seemingly small changes, poker is about to get far more interesting.   In fact, No Rathole Tables are already proving to be a huge success, especially when some stacks have grown to as much as $500,000!



A 7-Day No Rathole Table (NRT) is a cash game, offered for fans of No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and 6-Plus, that requires players to purchase ten big blinds at their target stakes before sitting down.  There’s something for players of all stakes - $0.10/$0.25, $1/$2, $5/$10 and $50/$100 — and, to put things into perspective, if the stakes are $5/$10, players have to put up $100; if they’re $50/$100, it will cost $1,000.


When the action gets going, a player who busts out is done unless another ten big blinds is purchased.  If a winning streak finds a player, that player can scoop up his or her winnings and walk away, but can’t return to the same stakes within seven days unless all those winnings are put back in action. It is surprisingly simple, but you can learn more about the NRTs by visiting ACR site.


As innovative as 7-Day No Rathole Tables are, they're small potatoes compared to what Americas Cardroom has in store this summer.  If you like poker even a little, you'll want to make sure July 16th is clear on your calendar.  That's when Americas Cardroom kicks off its multi-day $5 Million Venom tournament.  This is going to be the largest tournament ever hosted by a US-facing poker site.  With at least $1 million going to the event winner, this is one for the history books!


Even though the $5 Million Venom easily sells itself, Americas Cardroom is going all out promoting this epic event.  They're actually injecting a whopping $120,000 into Step tournaments, which make it easy for you to win a free seat worth $2,650 in the tournament.  Just log onto Americas Cardoon and take advantage of the many daily freerolls happening throughout the day and night.  There are plenty of other satellites and super satellites as well.

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