Play Twister Poker At William Hill For A €10,000 Jackpot

The new Sit & Go jackpot game Twister Poker takes on a whole new level at William Hill


William Hill Poker recently announced the launch of Twister, a brand new Sit & Go format for online poker fans. This is a jackpot SNG game with three players and a single table where the winner takes the entire prize pool. Players can play up to six tables at once. William Hill offers the opportunity to enjoy some good times playing with a small buy-in from €1 to €10 and share the spoils of a €10,000 cash prize.


Twister - a brand new Sit and Go format

Small buy-in; huge prizes

Avid poker fans looking for some fast paced action are guaranteed to find this unique, innovative format the right choice. The prize pool you play for can be more than the buy-ins of three players combined. William Hill offers Twister with four different buy-ins of €1, €2, €5 and €10. With the chance to play at six tables simultaneously, there’s a great possibility of winning up to €10,000. Prizes are determined before the tournament kicks off through a random draw, which is between 2 to 1,000 the buy-in plus fee.  The minimum you can win is double your buy-in.


Getting a seat

Getting access to William Hill’s Twister Sit & Go tournaments is easy. Simply select your buy-in amount and the number of games you want to play. A spinning wheel determines the prize pool just before the tournament kicks off. Any winnings are automatically credited into a player’s account at the end of the tournament. The good news is that there are 20,000 Twister Sit & Go tournaments created by William Hill Poker, with a new batch created as soon as one is complete. That leaves grinders with enough to cash in on some big bucks. With a jackpot multiplier that can reach up to 1,000x, a winner of a €10 Twister Sit n’ Gos gets €20.01 without a multiplier or as much as €10,000 if the RNG favors the winner. Don’t forget to check out the chart that shows the odds for each payout.


Tournaments galore at William Hill Poker

Twister is definitely one of the hottest additions to the iPoker rooms, which also features a new cash game lobby that groups tables according to game type as well as buy-in. While at William Hill Poker, you may want to check out some of the other tournaments on offer. There’s the steamy Rio Jackpot Sit & Go tournament with an amazing €20,000 minimum guaranteed. Get six consecutive victories and the jackpot can be all yours. There’s a €200 cash prize if you get six consecutive first or second place finishes.


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