Poker Anonymous Tables

What are Anonymous poker tables?


Many online poker players are in the habit of using tracker software to identify opponents’ playing styles, which gives them an advantage over the other players at the tables. Online poker players who do not use such tracker software, therefore, naturally feel that players using software to identify playing patterns have an unfair edge over them.

Anonymous poker tables, a relatively new concept in the online poker gaming industry, addresses this problem and provides an excellent solution. As the name suggests, anonymous poker tables enable players to play anonymously without any of their opponents using software to guess their identities and playing habits. Today, the concept has become very popular and all the leading online poker sites such as Bodog, 32Red Poker, Ladbrokes, and others offer anonymous poker tables.

Anonymous Tables Benefits

The biggest benefit of playing anonymous poker is that the software prevents players from tracking gaming styles using tracker software or from making notes about how others play. The anonymous poker tables at online poker rooms take the game of poker back to how it was played in olden days. It reduces poker to the game it truly is—a game of skill, chips, cards, money, and raw instinct, without any space in it for tracking software and other modern technological benefits.

Anonymous poker reminds players of the Wild West, when complete strangers would meet over the table of a bar and play poker, each determined to win and unwilling to give up the fight. This type of poker was the real poker, where players neither gave any quarter nor received any quarter, the poker with no written rules, strategies, and software to help them improve their game.

Anonymous poker tables challenge poker players to play the game of poker anonymously without the assistance of statistics and notes. They will not know who they are playing against and will have to use only their skills, experience, and knowledge of the game to win.

Not Really Anonymous

Online poker rooms such as Party Poker and the poker sites on the OnGame network and the iPoker network offer anonymous poker and claim that they are really anonymous. Nobody can use tracking software at these tables and no third party can determine the identities of poker players participating in anonymous poker games.

However, the online poker gaming community continues to wonder how far these poker tables are really anonymous. If the feature of anonymity has not been implemented properly, any shark can easily play at the anonymous tables with an unfair advantage over the other players there.

Providers of tracking software have been claiming from the past one year that they have successfully tracked the identities of those playing at the anonymous tables. Although online poker rooms keep assuring players that nobody can track their identities and gaming styles, experienced hackers and even players who know exactly how to crack the tables have time and again determined the identity of the players, thereby busting the myth that the tables are really anonymous.

Finding an Anonymous Table

To find an anonymous poker table, players need to visit the gaming lobby of their online poker site and look for the letter A. All the games displaying the letter A near them are anonymous. Once players sit at an anonymous table, their avatars and alias can be seen only by them.

The FAQ sections of each and every online poker room that offers anonymous poker claim players are safe from tracking software although the online poker community is still in doubt. However, anonymous tables have monitoring teams that know exactly who is playing and can gain access to their details.


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