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Sit ‘N’ Go or Single Table Tournaments (STT) - Everything Poker Players Want to Know

Sit ‘N’ Go or Single Table Tournaments (STT) are hot favorites in the poker world. The most exciting and simplest forms of online gaming, Sit ‘N’ Gos are a great way for players who have burnt their fingers playing too many ring games or cash tournaments to relax and add a few dollars to their bankrolls in the shortest possible time and at minimum risk.

Sit ‘N’ Gos were first designed by poker sites. Later, owing to their popularity, live casinos began offering them. They are the shortest, quickest, simplest, and most exciting forms of online poker tournaments.

Sit ‘N’ Gos are mini tournaments played by a maximum number of 10 players at a single table. Some poker sites such as Party Poker offer multi-table Sit ‘N’ Gos with 2 or more tables. Sit ‘N’ Gos are called so because the poker action commences as soon as the required number of players have registered and taken a seat at the table.


Advantages of Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments

Poker players are fond of Sit ‘N’ Gos because they hardly last more than an hour; in fact, Turbo Sit ‘N’ Gos are the fastest poker tournaments in an online poker room. One may compare a Sit ‘N’ Go to the final table of a multi-table tournament, a game that commences and ends at a single table.

Sit ‘N’ Gos attract a large number of new players and mediocre players because of their simple rules, short duration, low buy-in, and high payouts. For precisely this reason, top poker players can make a big profit playing Sit ‘N’ Gos as defeating new and mediocre players shouldn’t be a difficult task for them.

Most players prefer Sit ‘N’ Gos to other forms of online gaming for 3 major reasons - first, they are a great way to relax, hone one’s poker skills, learn new strategies, and win some great money; second, they have a simple structure with a clear-cut initial, middle, and ending phase; and third, they are designed for all players at varying levels of poker expertise and for bankrolls of any size.


How Sit 'N' Go's work

The number of chips each player receives, the blind structure, the size of the prize pool, the length of the Sit ‘N’ Go, the buy-in, and the poker room fee all depend on the individual policies of the online poker room that stages them. In spite of this, most Sit ‘N’ Gos follow a basic pattern.

The buy-ins obtained from the team of 10 players at a Sit ‘N’ Go are pooled together to form the prize pool. In case of Sit ‘N’ Gos, the top 3 players receive a share of the prize pool. The player who finishes first receives a 50 percent cut of the prize pool, the player who finishes second receives 30 percent, and the player who finishes third receives 20 percent.


Sit ‘N’ Go Strategies

As with any other form of online gaming, Sit ‘N’ Gos require sound knowledge of strategy. Excellent poker pros usually use Sit ‘N’ Gos to make some quick money. Good players find it very easy to win a Sit ‘N’ Go because majority of their opponents are new players trying to hone their skills or mediocre players playing in a loose or aggressive style. A good poker player can easily beat such players and emerge as the winner. 

To achieve success at a Sit ‘N’ Go, players need to inculcate the qualities of patience and discipline. Throughout the course of a Sit ‘N’ Go, players must be disciplined enough to stick to their goals of winning. Patience is also essential because good players need to calmly wait for the poor players to knock themselves off the table. Good players can then concentrate on defeating the 4 -5 players of top quality who remain at the table. 

Play only on premiums hands such as pairs and suited connectors and make the bets large enough to discourage any opponents with mediocre hands. Players facing a re-raise must fold immediately if they lack the pairs AA or KK. 

Sit ‘N’ Go players can easily make a steady and regular income from Sit ‘N’ Go's alone if they follow the above simple rules.

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