VIP Poker Points - How Do I Reach Them?

VPP - VIP Poker Points


Many poker websites will have some sort of VIP program in place. These are designed to reward players for their participation. The greater the number of games that a player participates in, the more VIP poker points (VPP) they can accumulate. These points can be used for cash, prizes, free games or other perks. Many programs will have differing levels or tiers of VIP. Common levels include bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Some websites will also offer titanium and diamond levels.


VIP programs will differ based on the particular website. To find out exactly what is offered at each level, players should take a look at any prospective poker room or casino’s website. Though we can not speak definitively about what every website is offering, we can discuss in general what each level might require and offer. Let’s begin with bronze.


Bronze: This VIP level is generally the lowest and requires the fewest VIP points. It is often considered the introductory level. Players may be eligible for free rolls and special promotion games. Individuals who play consistently should be able to reach this status in a relatively short amount of time.


Silver: This often the next level up from bronze. The silver tier obviously requires more points them the bronze tier. With more VIP points come more privileges. Free rolls are common at this level. There may also be some free games and special promotions. They also may be able to exchange points for cash.


Gold: Players must be pretty active to make it to this level. It generally requires quite a few points to be gold VIP member. Individuals should expect to receive even more perks than bronze and silver players receive.


Platinum: At many websites this is the highest level of VIP status, though some poker websites will offer titanium and diamond levels. The platinum level typically offers the most rewards. There will likely be cash prizes, special games, free games and promotions just for this group. To make it to this level, players must spend a lot of time at a website and participate in a lot of games. It will take a good amount of time before most people will be able to make it to this level. These are often your high rollers, those that spend a ton of money at a particular website or who have been members for a long time.


When choosing a VIP program look for those that offer you the most. Some will only offer members the opportunity to accumulate points and trade them in for free games. Others will allow their members to trade their VIP points for cash. Free games, free rolls and various promotions are also available for these members.


Most of the information regarding what a particular program entails will be on a poker room’s website. Customer service can answer any questions that an individual may have. Make sure to make use of them if needed.


In order to get those most perks in any VIP program, it is important to be active. The more games that a person plays in, the more points they will accumulate. This translates into more rewards. The way that a website measures points will differ. Some websites will be based on the number of hands played. Almost all of them will require that individuals spend real money. Poker rooms and casinos will often provide free games. These may be made available in the form of bonuses. Many sign-up bonuses will match a person’s deposit. Bonus money may not be eligible for points that would go toward one’s VIP status. Other times they might be. These types of details will likely be noted on the Poker room’s website. This would be the first place to look.


Being a member of a casinos’ VIP or loyalty program can be really great. These types of programs can really be advantageous. They generally provide players with really cool freebies and extra opportunities to win more money and participate in games at no cost. Cash exchange programs can put some extra money in one’s pocket. Members may also be eligible for really fantastic prizes such as electronic items (game systems, music players, televisions, etc.) Individuals may also be in the running for large prizes such as cars. Free or discounted entry into tournaments is also a common perks given to VIP members.


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