888 Ladies Joins the Fight Against Cancer through Alliance with Run for Life

Cancer is one of the biggest threats in terms of diseases that take human life. The threat may be big, but there is no shortage of organizations that have stood up to fight against this dreaded disease. One of them in the UK is Cancer Research UK, and one of its major events annually is the Race for Life. The Race for Life is a significant event because it has become a platform where women from all walks of life regardless of age and physical condition can walk, jog, or run. Now, 888 Ladies has joined hands with Run for Life to allow people to ‘run, click, and bingo’ their way to raise millions for Cancer Research UK.

As of now, 888 Ladies is a Champion Sponsor for Race for Life. The first common step together has been taken in the form of a TV commercial that is being currently aired. The objective of this ad is to get people to know about the partnership the two entities have entered into and the reason for 888 Ladies to take this step forward. The site will contribute a lot more as well, which will include hosting exclusive games at the site of the run to help raise more funds and create awareness.

The coming together of these two organizations was possibly inevitable, because they have a set of core values that are quite similar: they are about women getting together and becoming one to contribute to something that is significant. One of the major things about 888 Ladies is about celebrating women who have been able to bring greatness to simple moments of daily life. Take a look at the ad here now!

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