Betfair Bingo Goes Mobile!

Bingo has been one game that has always been popular, and more importantly, accepted socially. It is a common sight to see bingo being played at community events at a lot of places across the world. The popularity of the game comes from the fact that it is fun to play, and really simple too! Bingo is one gambling game that you see used as a tool at fundraisers as well as by the older citizens to spend a relaxed and happy afternoon of fun and gaming. The advent of the online casino has increased the popularity of bingo by leaps and bounds, and nowadays you can see online bingo sites flourishing across the world.

There are many online casinos with their own bingo sites, and one of the more respected and popular ones is Betfair. Betfair Bingo has been quite popular not just among the older players but among the younger generation as well. Players play the game and also engage in networking by chatting with other players through the chat application available. And when you throw in some exciting promotions, the success of Betfair Bingo is a foregone conclusion. Now, with the arrival of mobile casino gaming, Betfair Bingo has expanded its horizons by launching the Betfair Bingo mobile application.

This video is an advert for the Betfair mobile bingo application. The ad stresses on the fact that now you can play bingo anywhere, anytime – on the go, on the beach, with otters, when it’s quiet, or when it’s busy – as the ad says. The ad is fun and ends with the promotions available as well as the wagering requirements for the games. Watch this fun ad to learn about the Betfair Bingo mobile application.

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