Check the Latest GameVillage Bingo TV Commercial to Speak the Bingo Lingo!

Imagine if your daily spoken language is not just the regular language that you speak; what if it has a healthy dose of terms and phrases from something else, like your favorite game, favorite movie, or favorite book? What if you like something so much that you weave phrases from that field into your daily vocabulary? That is the premise that GameVillage Bingo bases its new TV ad on.

The new GameVillage Bingo TV commercial works because it is simple, contemporary, and themed around daily life, something that every online bingo player at the site and also prospective new players can connect to directly. The backdrop in the opening scene is the archetypal English village (to match the name of the site – GameVillage), complete with a bridge, a river, shrubs, and quaint houses. The voiceover immediately establishes the context for the ad – that everyone at GameVillage speaks the bingo lingo. The ad then showcases the usage of bingo lingo in daily life in a fun and entertaining way.

The TV commercial is part of the new promotional and advertising strategy that GameVillage has adopted to ensure a healthy spike in its membership. Apart from the commercial, GameVillage also has in place a brand new hashtag for players to use on social media – #bingolingo. In recent times, it has moved to the Cozy Games software and also launched on its own new network, the Lucky Duck network.

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