Dream Bingo Launches Dream Team in New TV Ad Series

Dream Bingo has been pulling out all stops to advertise the changes they have incorporated. A renewed ad campaign is on now, with the launch of the Dream Bingo ‘Dream Team’. The idea behind this series of ads is simple and in complete sync with the site’s ‘Win a Dream’ promotion; the site basically makes one of your dreams come true. And so you have different people featuring in this new ‘Dream Team’ series of ads – a celebrity, a woman, and more. The ads are fun and deliver the message directly – at Dream Bingo, your dreams come true.

This one is the first in the series of new ads, and features Thom Evans, a celebrity in his own right. Tom is an ex-rugby player and was also a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. Tom looks great and is a big draw among people, which is probably why he features on the Dream Bingo list of people to feature in their ads.

The ad starts with a Dream Bingo van pulling up in front of a house. The Dream Team come running out of the van and ring the bell. A lady opens the door and is pleasantly shocked to see Thom Evans, a Pug in one hand and a plate of doughnuts, walking up towards the door. There is a lot of fun and dancing, with the Pug joining in, and the Dream Bingo message is delivered – of loads of fun and dreams coming true.

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