Foxy Bingo Offers Guaranteed Prizes on the Test Your Strength Machine

Foxy Bingo is going full steam ahead with its video promotion campaign to increase awareness among people about its revamped look and great player-friendly features and promotions. One more video that has come through features the cool mascot of the site, Foxy, with his human friends at another location. The theme is the same, fun and games galore at Foxy Bingo, only the location has moved slightly ahead. This time, it is at a seaside pier, with all engaged in dancing and making merry.

The dancers and revelers are still there, only this time they all dance and then line up in front of the Test Your Strength machine to take a shot and see if they can ring the bell. Everyone takes a shot; in fact a repetitive theme throughout the promo is that of the people taking a shot and the inevitable (of course!) clanging of the bell as they hit home.

All you need to do to score big and win a guaranteed prize at Foxy Bingo now is to take the hammer, slam it down on the Test Your Strength machine (the button, really). The force of the blow decides how much you win, and you could win between 10p and a cool £100! While prizes worth over £10 take a day to be credited to your account, prizes that are less than £10 hit your account the same day! Now that is great incentive to come and try your luck at Foxy Bingo!

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