Gala Bingo Goes the 'Galala Moment' Way with New Ad

Bingo has always been a socially accepted gambling game. That accepted resulted in increased popularity when the game went online, like all other gambling games. The results was a wider audience, a breakthrough of sorts because online bingo no longer catered to only the older generation (which was what the traditional game was doing); now younger people play this game too. The popularity has increased, the social acceptance is intact, even greater now in fact; so it is a win-win situation for bingo.

However, for bingo sites getting new players all the time is easy. The website and marketing strategy can only do so much. That is where some of the big players are taking a slightly different approach: shooting advertisements featuring their site and then promoting them digitally. One such bingo house is Gala Bingo; they have been consistent in terms of putting out advertisements featuring people spreading the message of Gala Bingo – Play Happy.

The latest Gala Bingo ad campaign takes things one step further and in a different direction – it features people who get their ‘Galala moment’. This ad features Emma, whose Galala moment sees her on a yacht with handsome young sailors who are there to do her bidding. The ad looks lively and great and also conveys to viewers the bonuses on offer at Gala Bingo. Watch it and you might end up signing up with them and playing their games!

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