Gala Bingo Pulls Out New Promotion in the Form of a Holiday at Benidorm

Do you feel like shifting base to where you get the warmth of the morning sun and the comfort of the beach? Not yet? Then all you need to do is take a look at the new ad from Gala Bingo; it will definitely make you change your mind! This promo gives you a peek at this latest ad from Gala.

The new ad showcases the latest promotion at Gala Bingo: a chance to win a holiday to Benidorm. The holiday destination is the setting for a popular show on television of the same name. Not only do you get a shot at a cool holiday, you also get to meet the three stars of that show: Jake Canuso, Tim Healy, and Sherrie Hewson. The team at Gala seems to have done its homework for this latest promotion, and the choice of destination was based on facts and statistics, not just the feel-good factor. Gala actually teamed up with and a survey showed this to be the favored destination for a good percentage of people, and all for different reasons.

The promo starts with different sets of people, all happy, singing the now-familiar Gala-lala tune. The view then switches to Benidorm, and the announcement of the promotion follows. You get not one but 14 chances to win yourself a trip to Benidorm, and that is a lot of chances. Gala Bingo has been on an advertising binge in recent months to get viewers to see its new look, and the strategy seems to be definitely working!

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