Going Behind the Scenes of an Online Bingo Ad Shoot with Tombola

Bingo is one gambling game that has enjoyed massive popularity wherever it has been played across the world. This is one of only few games that has found social acceptance and has been used successfully at community events, fundraisers, and scores of other social occasions. While this has been a game popular with people from the older age groups earlier, the arrival first of online bingo and now mobile bingo has ensured a drastic shift downwards in the age groups it is popular in while retaining its social acceptance edge.

Online bingo sites used advertising campaigns successfully; it was successful because this was after all a social game they were marketing and people were unlikely to shy away from an advertisement of this game just because it was what you could also patronizingly call a ‘gambling game’. Online bingo ads were a trend that saw real players being used in these ads usually. There was a slight shift in strategy last year (2014), as a result of which real players were replaced by actors. However, this year the original trend of using actual players is back in full swing.

Tombola was one site that used real players in its ad campaigns in 2013. It has returned in 2015 with a new series of ads, using real players again. This video films the casting day for its latest day and gives you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes during the filming of an online bingo ad.

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