Hook the Ducks to Win the Bucks - Latest Ad from Foxy Bingo

Bingo is one gambling game that is enormously popular across the world. This is a game where you do not have to be a hardened gambling professional to strike it rich and win big. This is a game that had people from all age groups, especially the older generation earlier playing it. And you did not have to go to a casino to play it; you could play it right in your neighborhood club or community event. Bingo has been one game that, surprisingly, has been accepted in society as a game that one can afford to indulge in every now and then.

The arrival of online bingo made this game even more popular, and helped bring younger people in to the tables to play this exciting game. It allowed people to form communities not in your neighborhood but across the world, thanks to the chat rooms that came with the bingo websites. That is why online bingo websites have been quite freely advertising themselves on TV and also on the Internet.

This video shows an ad by Foxy Bingo showcasing their new game - Hook a Duck. This game offers players a shot at winning prizes worth a cool £100,000 in all. All you need to do is hook the ducks and you are a winner. Watch the video to learn all about it.

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