It's a World of Fun, Excitement, and Treats for All at Kitty Bingo, the New Kitty Bingo Ad Says

If you are a lover of online bingo, then one great site to check out is Kitty Bingo. The site looks great and promises a lot of fun. If you do not believe this, all you need to do is check out the latest ad from these amazing bingo guys, because the ad is a true reflection of the spirit of happiness, excitement, and promise that you find at Kitty Bingo.

The ad is set in a home environment, a family backyard actually and has the perfect start: the cute but sleepy dog, Fido, is jolted awake by the presence of a hyperactive and fearless cat. Fido growls, the cat stares back fearlessly, and the game is on. Fido is again awoken by a tap (more a whack actually) on its tail by the cat, which sends it into a tizzy, a frenzy of spinning around trying to grab its tail, and the message is simple and clear – there are many ways to get free spins!

Messaging about promotions, including treats, free spins, bonus money, is all conveyed in the same family environment throughout the ad. The ad works for Kitty Bingo because it reflects the true spirit of the site – exciting, fun, and happy. The site has different games – 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, slots, roulette, and also scratch cards and is available not just on computers and laptops but also on mobile devices, Android as well as iOS.

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