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Bingo has been an immensely popular gambling game for ages now, thanks to the fun and happy feel associated with it. Even in the days before the Internet, this was a game that you did not have to trudge across to a casino to play; you could play this at your neighborhood charity ball or community hall. A game that is socially acceptable has multiple advantages and that has exactly been the case with bingo. Things have only gotten better for this game after the Internet came along. You can play this right from your home now. Moreover, this is no longer a game for the elderly – that was the image the game carried earlier – you can be young and have fun playing online bingo!

There are quite a few online bingo sites on the Internet, and many of the major ones actually create viewer-targeted advertising campaigns for their players and also to lure new players to their portals. One such bingo website that has been putting out ad campaigns regularly is Tombola. With 50+ years of experience in bingo, Tombola is one of the big names in the online bingo world and Britain’s biggest bingo site. Licensed out of Gibraltar and with its own gaming servers, this is a site that draws thousands of players to it.

Tombola offers numerous different games to players. This video promotes a new and unique bingo game from Tombola. The game is called Cinco and promises to be fun and exciting. Watch and then head over to Tombola if you are interested in trying it out!

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