Now, Sun Bingo Goes Mobile

Bingo has been a popular game for a long time now, with many of the older citizens relaxing by playing this fun game. The game is one of the few games with a ‘socially acceptable’ tag to it, which is why you see it being played in many of the fundraisers, charities, and community events. The Internet definitely increased the popularity of the game even further, as players could now play the game any time they wanted from the comfort of their home. Not only that, it saw a change in the age group of players playing bingo, online bingo became popular among the younger generation as well.

The popularity of bingo rose even higher with the arrival of the mobile platform. Now, players could literally play bingo on the go. You could play it from the comfort of your workstation if you were having a lazy, minimal-work day, or you could even play it while you were stuck in a traffic jam! A number of the big bingo houses have in fact taken the next step and gone mobile. One of them to jump on to the mobile bandwagon recently is Sun Bingo.

This ad showcases the mobile version of Sun Bingo. This bingo major has basically gone for a complete overhaul of its mobile site and also added two of its popular rooms – Candy Club and Jazz Room – to the mobile platform. The ad is bright and colorful and brings out the fun aspect that Sun Bingo stands for.

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