Online Bingo on a Silver Platter: The New Delightful TV Ad from Butler’s Bingo

Butler’s Bingo is the latest bingo website to get on the TV advertising route, with its brand new ad. The new ad showcases the theme of ‘online bingo on a silver platter’ brilliantly. Not only do you get to see the different devices that you can play Butler’s Bingo on, you also get to see the promotions on offer.

The ad is not overbearing, and is a heady mix of a direct approach and subtlety. No butler actually makes an appearance in the ad, but the gloved hand establishes an immediate connect with the ‘butler’ concept. The direct approach also works quite well: showing the different devices you can play Butler’s Bingo on – tablet, smartphone, and laptop – on a silver platter delivers the message directly.

The ad starts off with the lady of the house relaxing on the bed and reading a book, at which point the butler enters the screen in the form of the gloved hand holding a tablet on a silver tray and offering it to the lady. The tablet screen shows Butler’s Bingo, which is only to be expected. This is the format that the entire ad follows: the lady is relaxing and having coffee, and then she is relaxing and watching TV, and at each of these moments the gloved hand enters the scene holding a device on a silver tray, with the device’s screen displaying the messaging.

The final messaging is about the deposit bonus - £35 to play with when you make a deposit of £10. The ad is fun and in sync with the positioning that Butler’s Bingo is aiming for through it – all you need to do is relax and we will bring the best bonuses and promotions to you.

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