Play at Gala Bingo for a Shot at Visiting Coronation Street

Gala Bingo has been using stars from the past in its promo campaigns and videos, and the latest one involves past stars of that famous gig, Coronation Street. This promo features the latest offering from Gala Bingo: a shot at visiting Coronation Street by playing at the Coronation Street Bingo Room in Gala Bingo.

There are totally 4 prize packages to be won through the VIP Coronation Street tie-up, one prize every week of the month, till 1st March 2015. All you need to do, as you can see in the promo, is place a £5 bet in the Coronation Street Bingo Room. The names of the winners will be announced on pre-scheduled dates: 9th February, 16th February, 23rd February, and 1st March.

This promo features the theme used in an earlier Gala Bingo ad, the Galalala song, but sung by Coronation Street’s Ashley and Sunita, i.e. Steve Arnold and Shobna Gulati. Like earlier promos, this one too is fun, and set in what looks like a pub, where the Karaoke night is on in full swing. The duo are singing full throttle, and are cheered on by a bunch of enthusiastic and happy folks all smiling, laughing, and clicking away with their cameras, tablets, and smartphones. What is running on these devices, cleverly used to brand Gala Bingo, is the Coronation Street bingo games that you get only at Gala Bingo.

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