Play the New Bingo Lotto at Gala Bingo!

Bingo is a very popular game because of the social acceptance it enjoys; online bingo rooms have ensured that this cool gambling game continues to be popular, garnering a wider audience. The arrival of mobile gambling has changed some of the things about this game, especially its player profile. It is not only the older people who play this cool game; younger players are increasingly latching on to this game to increase their social network and play it from their mobile devices. Online casinos are now launching games that work on mobile devices as well, and one of them is Gala Bingo.

Gala Bingo has been at the forefront of an advertising blitz recently, launching new ads almost every week to showcase their bonuses. Now, they have a new game especially for mobile gambling fans – Bingo Lotto! The new ad is to showcase this game, and takes off with the now familiar ‘Galalala tune’, with more or less the same set of people featuring in it. Where it differs is in the content – this ad talks about the new game they are offering – Bingo Lotto.

The Bingo Lotto game is available exclusively for players playing at Gala Bingo using a mobile device or a tablet. The game offers players a shot at winning more than £200,000 in prizes. You get to play with £50 on depositing £10 at Gala Bingo. So enjoy this cool commercial and, as the tagline for the site says, ‘Play happy!’ at Gala Bingo.

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