The Latest from Foxy Bingo: A Tie-up with the Towie Cast

Bingo is one of those games that have seen a lot of change after the emergence of the online casino. What was earlier a game that was the preferred pastime of senior citizens on lazy Sunday afternoon or evenings is now a game that has a global player base. Today, the age of the average online bingo player has dropped drastically from what it was before the online revolution in gambling happened; now you have 20-somethings playing this fantastic game with as much enthusiasm and gusto as older players.

Bingo was always popular; it was in fact a game that was used not only for passing time on weekends but also to raise funds for local charities, or to increase the fun level at local celebrations and galas. This was one gambling game that was ‘socially accepted’, and that is huge given that gambling has always carried a very negative connotation with it regardless of which part of the world you are in.

The popularity of online bingo has resulted in a lot of online bingo websites, and all of them go all out to get new players on board and retain existing ones. Advertising has been a very handy tool for the bigger bingo websites: they not only advertise about themselves but also what they offer and with whom they have tied up to bring newer offerings to players.

This video is the latest advertisement from Foxy Bingo, one of the big online bingo operators, and talks about its tie-up with the case of Towie. Watch it to learn more about what is on offer at Foxy Bingo now.

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