The Latest Galalala from Gala Bingo!

Bingo websites have been taking the world of bingo by storm ever since the advent of online gambling. There are a lot of things that work for online bingo: it allows you to play your favorite game directly from the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel to your neighborhood community hall for your weekly or monthly round of bingo; you can play this anytime of the day you want, anywhere you want. All you need is access to an online bingo website.

Online bingo is also changing the player age patterns in this game. No longer is bingo a game that is played mostly by players from the older generation. The fact that online bingo enables the creation of a global community – you can communicate with players from anywhere across the world as long as you are on the same bingo site – makes this a game that is rapidly catching the fancy of the younger generation as well.

A number of online bingo websites have been launching advertising campaigns – on TV as well as online – regularly to flaunt their wares and attract new players. One of them is Gala Bingo. With the theme song ‘Galalala…’, Gala Bingo has been bombarding existing and prospective players with a series of cool ads. This ad is the latest in a series of ads, and features Aidan Turner. Watch and enjoy; hopefully you will end up a member at Gala Bingo!

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