The Lucky Pigeon Ad from Paddy Power Bingo

Bingo is one gambling game that everybody just loves to play. The original game, conducted at community bingo halls, was a game that had a lot of players from the older population. This changed with the arrival of the online casino, as more and more people started to play this fun game. The player age group began to grow younger as well, with more and more young players getting on to playing this game. This is because bingo is a socially accepted game, and the ability to interact with other players was something the online casino also provided – and this while taking away the concept of a geographical boundary – in the form of the chat interface through which to contact other players.

Mobile bingo has brought the game even closer to the younger people, as they are the tech-savvy ones and the ones with the latest mobile gadgets, including smartphones and tablets, and are able to play this cool game directly from their mobile devices. That they get cool promotions when they sign up to play online or mobile bingo only helps draw newer players.

Online and mobile casinos are nowadays aggressively advertising themselves and what they have to offer to players through well-conceived and well-executed ads. This video is an advertisement by Paddy Power bingo featuring the Lucky Pigeon. Enjoy the ad and get to know the promotions currently on offer when you sign up with them.

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