The New Kitty Bingo Ad: It's a Cat's World!

Everyone loves bingo. That is the secret behind why it is the one gambling game that is socially acceptable. The game is fun and keeps everyone involved, providing a sense of community that other gambling games are usually not able to. That is the reason you see bingo being used at community events, charity events, and other social occasions. Online bingo has helped increase the popularity of the game drastically, because now people can play it from the comfort of their home.

Not only has going online helped bingo become more popular, it has enabled players from different locations to connect on a single website, something you could not even dream of earlier. The age of the average online bingo fan has also come down; more and more, you see younger people playing online bingo nowadays. Online bingo websites like to advertise themselves, and one of the sites with the latest online bingo ad is Kitty Bingo.

The ad is fun and informative at the same time. It starts with a scene from a typical household, the dog lounging lazily and the lady of the house putting the laundry – a big white bedspread out to dry. The dog encounters the cat, and after a growl each, the cat gets the dog going and manages to sneak up and finish off the treats from his bowl. All through, the different promotions at the casino are displayed on the white bedspread. Watch the fun ad to know more about Kitty Bingo.

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