A Dealer's Perspective of the WSOP: WSOP Dealer's Diaries

A couple of weeks ago we brought to you the first part of a very interesting and informative video about the World Series of Poker – WSOP Dealer’s Diaries – Part 1. This week we bring to you the second part of this interesting video – WSOP Dealer’s Diaries – Part 2. The WSOP is one of the premium events on the global poker calendar and sees the best in the world of poker squaring off for a shot at the title of WSOP Champion. Dealer Diaries brings a unique perspective to the WSOP – the tournament from the point of view of the dealer. Two veteran dealers of WSOP, Miranda Miller and Andy Tillman, talk about their experiences.

Andy Tillman kicks off this video with his take on that one question everyone would love to know the answer to – What is your craziest WSOP memory. And his recollection was definitely one that would make it to the top 10 list. There is a human aspect to the WSOP after all, something that the TV and Internet audience do not get to see too often. Miranda goes on to talk about that embarrassing moment last year when she knocked the deck out of her own hand, Andy Tillman empties his pockets to show what a dealer usually carries around with him, and more.

These little details add to the aura of the WSOP, glorifying it but at the same time making it one people can identify with.

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