A Look at the Final Table of Event #1 of MiniFTOPS

Poker is possibly the most popular gambling game across the whole world. Not only do you find it at casinos everywhere, almost every town and city invariably has its own set of ‘poker rooms’, joints where members/people walk in for their daily bout of poker. Regular games, mid-level games, high roller games, or tournaments – poker has it all; you just need to zero in on the kind of game you are looking for. Online poker has taken the popularity of poker to stratospheric levels, making sure you can play your favorite game of poker online, with people from different parts of the world. This is a video of the final table of Event #1 of MiniFTOPS.

The video has as commentators for its voiceover Dave Raymer and Full Tilt Poker ambassador Ben Jenkin. The final table of this event has 9 players, as you can see from the avatars on the screen, and a total pot of 1,212,096. The chip leader at the beginning is the player with the handle ‘sonicdeep’, with 5,368,924, followed by FishMobRep with 4,259,328. The buy-in for the game is $25, and the game initially had 4,713 runners. A 9th place finish guarantees $1192, while a top place finish guarantees $19,403 in prize money.

Sit back and enjoy as the game goes on a ride to its logical conclusion. The video was initially a live stream feed as the event played out; now all you need to do is sit back and watch the play unfold.

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