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We all know about the massively popular poker mega event, the World Series of Poker (WSOP). But how many of us have been able to see it and experience it from up close? The people who get to do that are the WSOP dealers, and their perspective therefore is bound to be unique. This video gives you the dealer's point of view of the WSOP through two of its veteran dealers, Miranda Miller and Andy Tillman.

Miranda Miller from Arkansas is a dealer who is into her fourth year at the WSOP. Andy Tillman is from Nebraska and is into his eighth WSOP event. The WSOP may be a signature event in the world of poker, but for the dealers it is more like a family reunion, Miller says in the video. This is the time the dealers catch up with other dealers they have dealt with and also with players from across the USA, familiar faces because they have dealt for them before.

Andy Tillman has a slightly different and very interesting perspective to the whole event. He sums it up as ‘poker summer camp’. Catching up with friends, hanging out, dealing at the big event, and generally getting caught up in the Vegas feeling, that is part of the eight weeks of the WSOP experience during summer for the dealers.

The video is refreshing because a dealer's viewpoint is an insider’s perspective on the WSOP games. Their experiences and takeaways from the event – traveling across the country, meeting different people, experiencing different environments are fascinating. The experience of a ringside seat, up close and personal to the best players in the business, is something that the rest of us can never have.

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