Cool Four-Card Poker Trick You Have to Watch

Poker is one of those card games that you find being played literally all over the world. Whether it is in the USA or Europe or far away Asia or even Africa, you will find some version of poker being played in the neighborhood card room in any small town or big casino in any major city. That is how popular this game is! The variations are there, of course; today you have a wide range of poker games. The differences between these games are not too many or too complex – they could be in the use of the wild, the number of cards per hand, or simply something else.

Whether it is online poker or poker at a land-based casino or card room, this is always a game that is fun and yet has the ability to incite passions and stir emotions – sometimes heartwarming and sometimes violent (the shootouts in the card games you see in Hollywood’s Westerns is stuff based on truth and legend, after all). However, poker is not just about winning; you can have fun with this cool game.

In fact, there are quite a few card tricks that are based on poker. This video shows you one cool poker trick using the standard 52-deck card. The rules are, of course, slightly different in this game, but we will not tell you what they are or how they are different, or even what this game is called. We will only say that it is fun in the true sense of the word! So watch this one and have a good laugh!

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