EPT 11 Round-up: Ognyan Dimov Wins Main Event at Deauville

The 5th leg of Season 11 of the European Poker Tour has been a good one so far, with the main event at Deauville throwing up a new winner from among a sea of aspirants, including journeymen poker players as well as former champions. The winner this time was Bulgarian Ognyan Dimov, who squared off for the final battle against Dany Parlafes and came out on top to claim the winner’s check of €543,700.

The numbers were quite large this year: 592 players who put together a prize pool of over €2.8 million. There were many European Poker Tour winners in the fray, including Jake Cody and many others. Day 2 saw the number of players trimmed to 335, and on Day 3 the number was further down to 138. A number of players went out before the magic number of 87 required, including Jake Cody – he actually got eliminated on the second day itself. Day 4 saw the number come down to 36, with that getting stripped down further to 15 on Day 5, and then finally there were 8, for the final table.

Ognyan had to fight long and hard to overcome the last obstacle in his path to victory, Dany Parlafes. His happiness was clearly evident in his voice later, when he said that it could not be explained in words. He had been waiting for the moment for a long time now, and just wanted to go and party to celebrate his victory.

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