Highlights of Event #9 of the WCOOP 2015

There are gambling games, and then there is poker. This is a game that has been popular across the world, regardless of the local flavoring it may have adapted itself to. A poker game has been one of the most well-known about ways of spending an evening after a day of hard work (or no work!) for many with a love for gambling. The thing is, it is a game that draws even the non-gambler; how many times have you found yourself sitting across the table and indulging in the game after a couple of beers, even though you are not a regular gambler?

Online poker has made this much-loved game even more popular, and that is set to go a couple of notches higher with the arrival of the mobile casino. Regardless of the medium, tournament play forms a big part of the fun of playing poker, and there have been quite a few around. The biggest and the most prestigious in the world of online poker today is the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). The fact that it is online means players from anywhere can participate in this at the preliminary stages. That is why you have thousands of participants each year. And of course, a $10,000,000 main event has its share of allure as well, possibly, along with the chance to win many other prizes, like Player of the Series.

This year’s WCOOP kicked off on September 6 and went on till September 27. This is a video of the final table of Event #9 of the WCOOP 2015, with a total prize pool of $1,722,400 and a first prize of $288,435.

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