November Nine for World Series of Poker 2015

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games across the world. The game is available in local poker rooms, land-based casinos, and also online casinos and online poker rooms across the world. Today, the advent of the mobile platform has made poker even more popular, because now you can play the game at your convenience. You do not even need a computer and Internet connection now; all you need is a mobile device that allows you to play the poker games of your choice.

Even though online poker has caught on hugely, one more variation that is really exciting is tournament play. You can play poker tournaments at online casinos, and the biggest tournament around today is the World Series of Poker. This premier poker tournament has been around for a long time now and since 2005 it has been sponsored by Caesars Entertainment.

This year’s World Series of Poker has been on for a while and now reached its final frontier. Nine players are left now, and they meet in November for a final showdown, at the end of which one will be left standing, the winner of the event. The November Nine, as they are called are: Joe McKeehen (USA), Zvi Stern (Israel), Neil Blumenfield (USA), Pierre Neuville (Belgium), Max Steinberg (USA), Thomas Cannuli (USA), Josh Beckley (USA), Patrick Chan (USA), and Federico Butteroni (Italy).

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