PokerStars Demystified: A Closer Look at the Biggest Online Poker Room in the World

We have all probably heard of PokerStars, and most serious online poker fans have probably been at the site as well. They should, considering it is the biggest online poker room in the whole world. With its headquarters in the Isle of Man, this online poker monolith has followers from all over the world. But how does it all work? How is your money kept safe here? Who are the guys behind it all? What random number generator does it use? How secure is the site on the whole? You find answers to all these very important questions when you go through this video about PokerStars.

Starting off with a wide shot of the Isle of Man, the video talks about all the important stuff about PokerStars that you have always wondered about. In operation since 2001, this company today has over 65 million registered players. The video lists all major data on-screen, including the number of locations, number of languages support is available in, security measures in place, and more.

It also includes soundbytes from important company officials, including Eric Hollreiser, the head of corporate communications, Lee Jones, the head of poker communications, and others. Adding color and the inimitable ‘poker’ flavor to the video are shots from different events that the company organizes and hosts. Go through this video in its entirety and you will have a fair idea what PokerStars is all about.

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