Promo for the Full Tilt Game of the Week: No Limit Deuce to Seven Single Draw

This video is a promo for the Game of the Week at Full Tilt – No Limit Deuce to Seven (2-7) Single Draw. This game is also commonly referred to as Kansas City Lowball and is showing a resurgence in popularity along with its variant – Deuce to Seven (2-7) Triple Draw.

The objective of playing Deuce to Seven Single Draw is simple: win the pot by getting yourself the best low hand. Deuce to Seven Single Draw is similar in structure to its cousin, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw. Where the two take their own path is in the number of rounds when it comes to the Draw – one versus three, as the names automatically suggest.

When it comes to winning the pot, the first step of course is to win hands. You can win a hand by getting the best hand of all in the game. Another way is, of course, to get the other players to fold, which might involve a bit of bluffing as well. For the second way, you would have to have a very good ‘poker face’ if you are playing at a land-based casino.

This video does not give you details about the game itself, as it is just a promo for it, but it has enough to get you curious enough to go and try out the game.

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