Talking About November 9 In Conversation with Joe McKeehen

For the last few weeks, the poker world has been abuzz with news mainly about one event – the World Series of Poker 2015. There have been numerous events at numerous venues. From the more than six thousand players who have tested their luck at the game for a shot at the title of WSOP champion, the numbers have been continuously whittled down. And finally, there are nine. These 9 players head into November Nine, the final hurdle at WSOP 2015.

After overcoming all obstacles that have come their way, these are the final 9 of WSOP 2015 – Zvi Stern, Pierre Neuville, Joshua Beckley, Max Steinberg, Thomas Cannuli, Joe McKeehen, Patrick Chan, Federico Butteroni, and Neil Blumenfield. Only one of these 9 has won a golden bracelet – Max Steinberg from Oakland, back in 2012. Each of these 9 are guaranteed $1 million each, with the winner also walking away with the top prize of $7,680, 021, the title of WSOP Champion, and a gold bracelet.

However, the name that stands out at this moment is Joe McKeehen. Not only is he the current chip leader and the man with the advantage going into November Nine, his chip count of 63 million is the biggest chip lead a player has carried to the final in a long time. In this video, watch as he talks about November Nine and his plans for it.

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