The 8th March Sunday Million: Hitting the Big Time the PokerStars Way

Online poker has caught on in a big way over the years, as it was thought it would when the Internet came along and revolutionized multiple aspects of life on earth, including the gambling industry. PokerStars has been one of the biggest names in online poker, and is also the largest online poker room around these days. People expect such a big boy to do big things, and it has done quite a bit over the years, including some of the biggest poker tournaments. One of the many big things it has put together for online poker fans is the Sunday Million tournament. This video showcases the Sunday Million on 8th March, 2015.

The 8th march Sunday Million event had 7,193 runners making up a prize pool of a whopping $1.4 million-plus. The maximum buy-in for this event was $215 and had 9 players at the final table, with alco555 leading the way with a cool chip lead of 16,893,620. This 33:28 minute video takes you through the final table. Standing tall at the end were two players, Daralon and xKoSSSx, with xKoSSSx ending up champion and pocketing a cool $215,974 in winnings.

The Sunday Million is considered by many to be the highlight weekend poker event, with a $1 million prize pool guarantee. At this tournament, pros and semi pros get together for some exciting poker and the possibility of a big win. Of course, there are also online poker tournaments during the week, but the big money is in the weekend tournaments and the Sunday Million is certainly one of the biggest of them all. It is only natural, given the standing that PokerStars has in the online poker world, that this tournament comes to the world from their stables.

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